Jiří Pudil, fotografie
Jiří Pudil
brněnský herec s rýmy

On the Bottom of the Glass

lyrický výlet do mezinárodních vod

[D]My radio started [A]playing
[G]but I had to change the track
that's the price that I'm paying
for the things I can't take back

It was a good old cliché love song
and it made me feel sad
I was thinking about the things I had done wrong
and why it all turned out so bad

Ref. [A]Why, why cannot [D]love ever be [G]easy?
Why did I have to hurt you so much?
Why did I break your heart into pieces?
Why did I let my mind lose touch?

I was driving on a byway
lamp posts were passing by
it was a long and lonesome Friday
more alone than meets the eye

I pulled over at the lousy bar
and drank a bottle of gin
and played a song on my guitar
about the things that I have been


Bridge: [Em]Oh how, how [G]foolish of [D]me
Oh how, how I wish I could see
Oh how, how can I make myself clear
Oh how, how I wish you were [A]here


I put myself into bed
and into the pillow I cried
stayed awake and stayed sad
all night

I'll have the last shot of rum
to wash away the pain
I reckon the time has come
to hit the road again


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